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Ann Christensen
Author | Mental Wellness Advocate
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Who I Am

I have always been a Seeker. At age six, I experienced an enticing moment of Clarity and understood the All That Is in a brief but spectacular moment in the peach orchard. I was able to pursue this quest in my 20’s by “running away from home.” I completed a bachelor’s degree in journalism at San Diego State University and joined a Mystery School that introduced me to the Kabbalah and meditation.


Following a shattering bipolar episode, I returned to the Central Valley ranch to gather myself.

I found running my own businesses suited my new bipolar reality. The flexible schedule of a solo business helped me to manage my stress. I was editor, book formater and graphics designer with the power to call in sick or work through the night. Then I met a brilliant man who adored me and my quirks. Along the way, we grew a company that marketed video systems to wildlife biologists.

Recognitions included:

• Entrepreneur Magazine article “Couples Who Work Together”

• Featured product photo in The National Geographic

• A CNN news clip that included a squirrel hurling a rock at our burrow probe.

• U.S. Department of Commerce Export Achievement


Our 31-year marriage was a terrific ride. John passed away in 2020 so the Covid recession holds many meanings and feelings for me. I spent two years reading, reading, reading. I took online classes and studied creativity coaching and new meditation techniques. My light worker practice deepened.


About this website

I’m using this website to reach out to my Peeps and channel my energy. I have returned to early explorations: collage cards, mosaics, sacred geometry, chakras, meditation, breathing. The list is goes on.


I’ve already published an e-book, "Bipolar Almanac: Create a life worth living" that shares a bit of my experiences with the life-changing disorder. This book helps people with bipolar and their families learn how to deal with the explosion of mania and the despair of depression.


Publishing the book was mind blowing in another way: it revealed my huge limiting beliefs. Publishing means marketing and I found it impossible to share my own work. Pressing the “Send” button caused agony that felt like physical pain. I’m using this website and other writing projects to further explore my limiting beliefs and learn how to overcome them. I will be sharing this in my blog and art.


These 30-Day Challenges will be explored first in the blog and later shared on the Sleepy Phoenix website as e-mail challenges:

• Curb Your Limiting Beliefs: Overcome self-induced challenges and blocks

• Curb Your Anxiety: Tone the Vagus Nerve with breathing, diet, and cold showers

• Bardos: Manage the Cascade of Thoughts, Emotions, Actions



I learn and teach through my writing

You already have access to the free download “What Child Archetype Are You?” based on my archetype workshops. I hope you find it helpful in your own quest of self-discovery. If you want to hear more from me, or are even just a bit curious for tidbits, sign up for my newsletter. It will be irregular but fun and informative. I hope to get to know you better.

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