Who I Am

  • I’m a writer and tutor with a passion for so many things it’s hard to pin me down.

  • My current passion for social media satisfies my need to research, write and art.

  • Did I say I was an artist? I love to make mosaics, crafts, collage art and other visual media. This allows me to express the Other Artist, the nonverbal, visual self that needs to be heard.

  • I love cats and have been adopted by a herd of ferrel kitties. Or is it the bacon bacon?

  • I love to read. My favorite genres are historical fiction, sci fi, fantasy, personal growth and biographies.

  • As a journalist by trade, I tend to write nonfiction on topics that inspire me.


Cool stuff

I've had achievements throughout my life, and didn’t recognize many of them until much later. Now, fully awake, here are a few highlights:


I've worked for three years in “real jobs” and been self employed the rest of the time.  I love the freedom and ability to work my own schedule. As a Creative, being self employed allows me to pursue my interests and maintain my sanity.


Business achievements include working with my husband John and developing a company that marketed  unique video systems to wildlife biologists. Along the way, we racked up awards and recognition, including:

  • Entrepreneur Magazine article “Couples Who Work Together”

  • Featured product photo in The National Geographic

  • A wonderfully humorous bit on CNN that included a video of a squirrel hurling a rock at a burrow probe that had entered its den.

  • U.S. Dept. of Commerce Export Achievements.


Passion for publishing

My love of writing took me to Journalism school and a Bachelor's degree from San Diego State University. My first job was marketing for a book publisher who began his business in a garage. I was fascinated with self publishing and was one of the first kids in our neighborhood to get a Macintosh and join the desktop revolution.  I served as editor, book cover and interior designer for over 50 books. Many of them were personal histories that reflected the passions of their writers.


I grew tired of being the midwife and wanted to birth a few books of my own. My early works are now out of print and I am now publishing the Bipolar Almanac series to explore the Artistic Temperament and help people with bipolar disorder.


I teach through my writing

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