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Bipolar Almanac: What's it all about?

Bipolar Almanac: Create a life worth living is an up-beat memoir and quick-start guide that focuses on how to survive and thrive in your new bipolar reality. This is not a gloom and doom book about mental illness. Nor is it a chirpy self-help book written by somebody who has not suffered from mental illness. Author Ann Christensen experienced wild manic and depressive episodes for several years before learning to manage her stress and mood swings. Episode-free for over 30 years, she describes her path to mental health and provides a step-by-step approach for bipolar persons and their families. Almanac means “God’s Puzzle.” In Bipolar Almanac, the puzzle is YOU. This book provides steps in each chapter for creating your own almanac to document triggers, symptoms and to discover which tools work best. What’s happening to me and what can I do? The first thing to know about bipolar disorder is that it is treatable and even the worst symptoms can be managed. We begin with a description of how it feels to be in a confused state of mind, definitions of bipolar disorder phrases and a detailed symptoms checklist for mania and depression. This book contains information for friends and family who find themselves trying to help a person in a bipolar crisis. • Helps families understand what it's like at various phases of an episode. Provides action plans. Conveys important “do’s and don’ts” for dealing with a person in a mental crisis. How can I manage my mood (energy) swings? Bipolar Almanac teaches you how to create your own almanac and how to assess and document mood swings (sometimes referred to as energy swings). • Explore your triggers. Recognize your symptoms. Learn new tools to help manage the bipolar energies. Develop support teams Bipolar Almanac provides steps towards developing safety nets to help the bipolar person survive and thrive. Family and friends team: Learn how to make amends with family and friends and develop a support network. Medical team: Learn how to manage the crisis, build a medical team and explore various therapies. • Work team: Understand workplace implications and when to disclose your bipolar disorder. When can I return to work? Finding a job that provides productive work and meaning is an important step in the recovery process. Bipolar Almanac helps bipolar workers: Analyze whether they are well enough to return to work. Explore what jobs and work environment to look for. Understand legal rights in the workplace. Determine how and when to disclose bipolar disorder. About the Author Ann Christensen experienced manic and depressive episodes for several years before learning to manage her stress and energy swings. Episode-free for over 30 years, she describes her path to mental health in Bipolar Almanac: Create a life worth living. Ann edited and marketed over 50 books. She managed an electronic-design firm for 12 years and her PR efforts led to features on CNN, The National Geographic and Entrepreneur Magazine. This firm received a U.S. Department of Congress Export Achievement award. Despite these accomplishments, Ann still sees herself as one of the “walking wounded” and uses a variety of methods to manage her energy swings. She now speaks and writes about bipolar, artistic temperament and creative issues as the next step in her journey to recovery. Bipolar Almanac is the first in the Sleepy Phoenix Mental Health series. This upbeat memoir and guide provides an action plan for bipolar persons and their families. It is an important addition to the bipolar disorder and mental health library. Discover the puzzle that is you! Purchase Bipolar Almanac and begin the journey through your own labyrinth. Learn that: • You are not alone. • You can heal. • You deserve a life worth living. Scroll up and buy Bipolar Almanac: Create a life worth living. Do it today!

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