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Mental Health Toolkit series

Goldilocks and the Three Energies: Manage your moods swings
Target publication date: February 2020
This book is based on the Hindu concept of the Three Gunas, or energies. The five chapters contain tips specific to Rajas (manic), Tomas (depressive) and Sattvas (just right).
Chapters: Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep, Breathing, Meditation

Each chapter contains these subsections:
    Your brain on…

    How (topic) affects mental health     
        (with specifics for people who experience mania, depression and anxiety)
    Stepping Stones
        (New how-to’s for the Bipolar Toolbox)
    Personal Almanac
        (Encourages readers to try a few techniques, add the ones that work to the toolbox)

Anxiety Management: How to Tone Your Vegus Nerve
The vegus nerve affects our feelings of being safe and calm. It functions at an instinctual, automatic level. Learning to manage the vegus has startling implications for the bipolar seeking to manage triggers. I am currently researching and experimenting with the vegus by taking cold showers, plunging my face into ice water, gargling, singing, chanting, belly breathing and generally having fun with a new concept. I feel information about the vegus is sparse and am very interested in writing about it. The vegus nerve will receive some treatment in Goldilocks but ultimately deserves a separate book on holistic treatments for anxiety.

Banish Barriers and Blocks: 13 bardos balance mind, emotions and body
This book is based on the bardos originally represented in The Tibetan Book of the Dead. The concept is that when you observe a block or barrier, you can use tools to halt the discord. Most important, there is a sequence to the bardos. If you don’t block the discord at one bardos, it’s OK. The discord will move to the next bardo and you’ll have a chance to use the coping tools specific to that level. The negativity begins in the mind (six bardos), then moves towards the emotions, then actions and physical. It includes plenty of coping skills for the Bipolar Toolbox, inspirational stories and encouragement.

Theater of the Mind series

Bipolar Archetypes and Myths
An early fascination with the works of Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey translated into a huge bonus during a major bipolar episode. I used his concepts to help slow my manic phase and gain clarity and reassurance.  Asking these questions helped me to stay calmer and know that the mania would eventually end:  What story am I in? What character am I? Where am I in the plot of this story? The book shows how The Hero’s Journey can be used to manage or at least gain some understanding of bipolar episodes. It also explores how various cultures use archetypes and myths to address mental imbalance.

Theater of the Mind: Become the director in your own play
This book helps you gain greater control over your life by becoming the directer in your own play. Self-discovery focuses on understanding main archetypes, plot and mastery of the inner critic. Archetype questionnaire and analysis developed through my “Who Am I?” workshops are included. This book contains information about how to use art as “soul retrieval” and gain greater understanding of the interactions between various emotional energies. Carl Jung used mandalas for spirit integration and depth coaching.  I use collage cards and use them to illustrate many of my collage cards.

Bipolar Wuwu series

Oil Your Mood Swings: Essential oils for mental well being
Essential oils pass through the “blood brain barrier” and impact the limbic system. The limbic is part of the ancient, automatic brain that influences emotions. This book explains how essential oils work in the brain, methods for using the oils and which essential oils work best for each mood: anxiety, poor concentration, distraction, anger, low self-esteem, depression. Blends for three major essential oils companies are discussed. Disclosure: Ann is a distributor for DoTerra.

Crystal Courage: Minerals and gems for mood management
This book explores the history of crystal use, the care and feeding of crystals and which crystals are used for various mood maladies. Ann advocates charging inexpensive quartz crystals rather than going into a crystal purchasing frenzy. She recommends starting with clear crystals or creating a four-quartz pack for spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical harmony.
Note to editor: I want to publish two to three books a year. The Wuwu  books are great fill-in and easy to write; therefore, they may be inserted into the publication schedule at any time.

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